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Posted by Kirk Sandall Junior School on 15/08/2021

Music at Kirk Sandall Primary School

Music at Kirk Sandall Primary School

Instrumental Music in School Currently

98 pupils are currently having music lessons (28% of all pupils and 26% of disadvantaged pupils).

All Year 4 pupils are having a class lesson in either samba, violin and cello, or trumpet and tenor horns, thanks to the donation from The Jean Freedman Music Foundation.

Year 4 music data indicates that disadvantage pupils outperform non-disadvantaged pupils and in all other year groups there is no difference in the performance of disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged pupils.

Impact of Music

Please find some quotes of pupils and parents, both present and past, to demonstrate the impact of taking part in music at school below.

"KSJS was the place where I discovered what I wanted to do with my life and my time there enabled me to pursue opportunities that would later have a large impact on both my career and my personal life."  Sophie M, now at Guildhall Music College, London

“Music has given me confidence.” ‒ Daniel H, Year 6, 2015

“The opportunities they have playing music in orchestras, performing in concerts and making friends is invaluable and music has become a tool to feel confident and comfortable when feeling anxious and upset.”  Claire H, Parent, 2017

“Playing at Hornsea gave me a good feeling to know that I contributed to KSJS by making myself and Mrs Addy and all the teachers feel proud.” ‒ Hannah M, Year 6, 2017

“I feel excited when all of the different instruments sound really good in harmony.” – Ava B, Year 6, 2021

“It was amazing being part of the orchestra because I got to bring happiness to other people with my music." – Sophie P, Year 6, 2021

“I feel happy playing an instrument.” – Lennon C, Year 6, 2021

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