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Posted by Elloughton Primary School on 11/04/2021

Music In Lockdown

Music In Lockdown

Music Education Continues to Thrive at Elloughton Primary School

Despite the national lockdown, music education has continued to thrive at Elloughton Primary School, albeit largely theoretical rather than practical. During the Autumn term, Year 3 and 4 pupils have learnt about the instruments that Ancient Greeks may have played and have composed their own fanfares to welcome athletes at the Olympic Games! 

Spring Term

Brass instruments have been studied too along with the music of Scott Joplin. The Carnival of the Animals by Saint-Saens, Spring by Vivaldi, music for Chinese New Year Celebrations and how a piano works were studied during music lessons in the Spring Term.

Autumn Term

The Autumn term saw Year 5 and 6 children create rhythms using notes of different values to reflect music of the Mayan tribes. Compositions of Joseph Bologne were listened to and reflected upon whilst also learning about Classical music. The Planet Suite became the focus of study during the Spring term, alongside acquiring knowledge about Irish instruments and modern pianists.

Summer Term

The Summer term hopes to be one when the children can create and perform music using some of our new instruments; these include keyboards, xylophones, handbells and treble recorders.

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